Takkya Bespoke Emirati Furniture Online Shop

Takkya Bespoke Emirati Furniture Online Shop

Takkya is a distinctive brand of Emirati furniture that blends modern and traditional designs using a unique approach, giving its customers contemporary furnishing pieces with an authentic touch of Emirati heritage.

The Takkya online store has numerous diverse furniture choices; the store’s design reflects a unique blend between the exquisite furniture in display as well as the bona fide sea-and-desert atmosphere of the UAE.

The online store is also equipped with secure electronic payment tools that enable visitors to pay with credit cards. Shoppers can also order from the online store as a guest or by signing up for an account on the website.

Takkya’s online store is a sophisticated, mobile-friendly website.

Convenient features such as coupon discounts and shipment tracking are integrated in the website; the system administrator can issue discount codes and send them to distinguished shoppers or display them on social media on special occasions. The system administrator will also be able to send customers messages about status changes of their orders as well as shipping data, via the website system.